The story of NETFXR and its president, Jeff Sellick.

Ever since I was a little kid (before ARPANet, the Internet's predecessor, had even been invented), my hobby was building things, wiring things up, tearing apart
old radios, TVs, telephones, and other electronic equipment, then using the parts to create something new. The vacuum tube was king.

In high school, I taught myself computer programming on an HP 2000 system my school had a timesharing account on. I worked with such [at the time]
modern technologies as 300 BPS acoustic couplers and paper tape.

In college a few years later, the technology du jour was 80-column cards and 8" floppy disks. I learned the most popular programming languages of the time:
Assembler (my favorite), BASIC, COBOL, ForTran, and RPG (though Rocket Propelled Grenades did exist at the time, RPG was more commonly used to refer
to IBM's flagship programming language).

Though I would get jobs in such fields as computer operations, system management, and software development, I always seemed to be pulled toward (or
pushed into) hooking things up: terminals, printers, modems, peripherals, telephone systems, etc.

My first job after college was as a computer operator, but within about a year or so, I was called on to install the data cabling for the office building that
company was moving into. Since then, I've installed or augmented computer networks, telephone systems, and surveillance systems in many buildings and

In my 25-plus year professional career, I've worked for many companies. That experience enables me to help my clients (and potential clients) make the best
use of their often limited resources. I do my best to always help my clients make the right choice!

When I created NETFXR, Inc. in 2001, my plan was to use my expertise and knowledge of Cisco networking hardware, LANs, and WANs to build a consulting
company to provide networking support services. But almost every "support" call ended up with me pulling wires, fixing connectors, and installing networking
infrastructure components.

While keeping the fundamentals of LAN and WAN design in place, I have re-designed NETFXR, Inc. to meet my clients' requests by specializing in installing,
repairing, and selling computer networks, telephone systems, and video surveillance systems.

I am not an "absentee" manager-I personally supervise all work. I have never left employees or subcontractors alone on a job site for more than two hours. I
enjoy "challenging" or "unusual" configurations. I'm very comfortable working with "mature" (obsolete) technologies.
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