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Mayor Villaraigosa is trying to increase revenue in the city of Los Angeles by raising parking fines. With California’s budget problems, it’s only a matter of time before Gov. Brown starts trying to boost California’s revenue by enforcing existing laws–imposing fines for minor infractions. In May 2012, he said, “’ve got to go where the money is.” With that in mind, please note the following laws regarding licensed contractors (of course, if you’re unlicensed, the penalties are much greater):

Business and Professions (B&P) Code Section 7071.13 states that you are forbidden from advertising that you are bonded;
B&P Section 7030.5 states that your license number must appear in all forms of advertising;
B&P Section 7027.4 states that you may not advertise that you are "insured" or "have insurance" without identifying in the advertisement the type of insurance you carry;
B&P Section 7029.6 states that all licensed contractors must display their business names and contractor license numbers on every one of their commercially-registered vehicles. The name and number must be in a clearly visible location in letters at least ¾ inch high and wide.
And B&P Section 7029.5 states that Plumbing, Sign, and Well-Drilling contractors must also include their permanent business addresses, and the lettering must be at least 1.5" high).

The penalties for violating these codes range from $50 to $2,000 (or even "Suspension of your license.")

You may read these laws at

Here's a link to a pamplet from the Contractor State License Board's:
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